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OBO - 1014


OBO-1014 is a multi-functional tester. OBO can provide customization service for UI, SFCS integration, and test flow recipe… etc. This tester can fit almost all electro acoustic component (Mic/Speaker), assembly or product test in product line (Mic & Speaker).
4 analog input channels 96 kS/s simultaneous sampling rate
1 analog output channel 96 kS/s update rate
A/D, D/A resolution 24 bits
1 amplifier channel 10W power amplifier
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Line item / version Performance Low Cost
AI/AO Channels 4 AI for analog or digital microphone 1 AO for sound source with 10W power amplifier 2 AI for analog or digital microphone 1 AO for sound source with 10W power amplifier
Sample rate 96 KS / sec 48 KS / sec
ADC Resolution 24 bits 16 bits
Test items Sensitivity, Response, THD, THDN, Phase(*2) Sensitivity, Response(*1), THD
  • Note1 : only support 300 ~ 8000Hz, 1/3 octave
  • Note2 : it must has reference microphone

OBO - 3055


Design to use with EAM-1014 & anechoic box. For more analog signal in/out channel and control anechoic can provide bias power for Ref. microphone and amplifier function
10 power input channels Provide bias voltage supply (24V) or constant current supply (4 mA) for reference microphone or ear simulator
2 analog input channels For Headset SPK
5 amplifier channels Provide power amplify for mouth simulator or speaker
3 analog output channels For Headset Mic
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Product Description

OBO-3022 is designed for MEMS digital microphone decodeing. it can provide power and clock for digital and decode digital microphone date.
Transfer digital signal to analog signal. In order to measure the microphone sound signal. It can use to OBO-1014 analyz or other acoustic analyzer.
Suppore digital microphone channels Support 4 channels digital microphone,2 data path L/R channel(switching)
Power for digital microphone 1.5V~4.5V DC
Clock for digital microphone 2.4M Hz
SPEC Download PDF