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Detection of energy and process description

Detection of energy and process description

For Engineer Development

  • - Anechoic Box/Chamber
  • - Anechoic Lab Scheme

For Acoustic Component Production Line, OQC/IQC

  • - Automatic Acoustic/electric Tester

For Acoustic Module

  • - Production Line Tester
  • - IAS Tester

For Assembly Line Acoustic Quality

  • - Final Product Audio Quality Tester

For Service

  • - Provide Professional FAE for Acoustic Component Assembly issue
  • - Emphasized China/USA on-site service ability & quality
  • - Absolute experience supplier efficiency support

Anechoic Chamber/Lab

  • - Anechoic chamber in Taiwan/Suzhou

ATE Team Experience

Design Process Overview

ATE Team Ability in Acoustic Test

ATE Team Ability in Production Fixture