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What's IAS?

Integrated Audio Solution is to provide higher performing audio content.
  1. 1. Require very compact box design with speaker to meet customer’s mechanical request.
  2. 2. Box may include antenna, microphone, mesh, PCBA、 microphone、FPC, sensor ,
    LDS and so on request into one box design…
  3. 3. Fully customized design.
phone、NB、Tablet、Camera and other
consumer electronics

IAS Team Ability

OBO Pro.2 builds IAS team to provide more acoustic service, innovative design, research, development and production.
OBO Pro.2 owns R&D experts and test lab to develop speaker unit and speaker box design ,also set up manual production line and automatic production line in China for speaker unit production and speaker box assembling.

  • ‧ Design production and acoustic test fixtures for new IAS programs
  • ‧ Work on the new speaker box systems development
  • ‧ Support IAS production on technical issues, plastic price competitive, plastic/ stamping tooling knowledge and speed, process enhancement, yield improvement, and UVS reduction
  • ‧ Conduct tolerance stack-up analysis to improve and ensure proper fit of components
  • ‧ Develop Antenna (LDS process), Microphone, Sensor ,Chip & FPC in the speaker box
  • ‧ Provide prototype by 3D print or CNC
  • ‧ Support acoustic simulation for speaker box
  • ‧ Has own anechoic chamber with our very experienced engineering team will identify crucial properties at design phase
  • ‧ Able to do reliability test in-house lab in factory
  • ‧ Set up automatic production line to improve the quality
  • ‧ Manual production line to fulfill different box design requirement
  • ‧ Design fixture for customer

IAS Team Assess For Speaker Box Volume

Speaker Box DFM
Back cavity with microphone block and write volume approx 0.55cc,
Remove the volume of the microphone block approx 0.4434cc
Front volume is about 0.07cc
Volume 10*1.6*1.8mm

IAS Team Assess For Speaker Box Simulation

Speaker Box Frequency Response Curve Simulation

IAS Auto-process Planning

Automatic production line
1. Carrier loading station 6. AOI check station 2
2. Line 7. Auto unload station
3. AOI check station 1 8. Carrier unload station
4. On-line auto gluing station 9. Power and air input location
5. Solid station  
Ultrasonic Station
  • Manual loading
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Manual operation- receiving tray
Testing Station
Length : 2400mm
Width : 2150mm
Height : 2200mm